The Vegetarian food tasting Tour

Price 62.00

Take part in a unique food tasting tour of Athens designed exclusively for vegetarians! If you’ve adopted the vegetarian way of life, you’ll be thrilled to discover the culinary treasures that the Greek cuisine has to offer you.

Start your day with breakfast in the vibrant square of Monastiraki, there you will try traditional Greek coffee and the well-known ”koulouri” sesame pastry. Whilst strolling the picturesque district of Plaka you will have the opportunity to try a series of vegetarian gastronomic treats, including but not limited to; a visit to a shop with mastic products, the oldest pie-making shop in the whole of Athens, of which offers delicious vegetarian pies and tasting iconic Greek delicacies such as ”fava”, ”dolmas”, and a sweet organic rolled ice-cream. All of which you can enjoy whilst still respecting your vegetarian values.

So, if you are a vegetarian who wants to add new elements to his tasting pallet, or are someone who just loves wholesome vegetarian food, then this Athens food tour was made for you!

*This Tour can also be adapted to suit Vegans*