Tours | The Ultimate Food Tasting Tour

Discover the wealth of traditional Greek cuisine and Greek culture, in a food tour that spans across the historical city center of Athens and features more than 18 authentic greek culinary treasures!

This food tour will please food lovers and history dwellers alike!

As for the food tasting, start your day in one of the most quaint neighbourhoods, “Psyrri”, where you’ll have a fitting Greek breakfast of aromatic Greek coffee and the well-known “koulouri” sesame pastry. From there, experience the depth and completeness of traditional Mediterranean cuisine by visiting original Greek delis, specialized Greek pie shops and the vivid ‘Varvakios” market. All the way along your stroll you will be tasting world-renowned Greek delicacies such as cheese, meat products, rusks, olives, olive oil and everything else you could ask for in a Greek food tour of Athens. Complete your tour on an alternative note by visiting a secluded, authentic Greek mezze shop. Accompanying your Greek “mezze” will be prestigious alcoholic beverages like “tsipouro” in the true Greek fashion.

For those of you who still won’t be full, there is an option of finishing your meal with original Greek sweets such as “loukoumades” in a picturesque nearby sweet shop.

Overall, this food tour combines a unique, traditional food-tasting experience with a thorough acquaintance of  Athens’ city center. It is a surefire option to fully explore all the elements that Athens has to offer!